Safe Use Of Anabolic Steroids

When you want to build your muscles and increase your strength, exercise alone may not help you achieve the desired results. You may have to use anabolic steroids, especially if you have a small frame or signs of delayed puberty. If you are overweight, steroids will also help you burn fat and grow your muscles. There are many types of steroids, and they all have different benefits and side effects. The main side effects of steroids include; severe acne, mood swings, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney damage, and liver damage, among others. However, these adverse effects can only be experienced when steroids are abused. The following are some tips for safe use of steroids:

i) Do Not Exceed the Recommended Dose

Steroid use within the recommended limits can be safe. If you exceed the dosage, however, you can expect to experience severe adverse effects almost immediately. Each steroid comes with a recommended maximum dosage for beginners and experienced bodybuilders, so pay attention to the recommendations to ensure you use steroids safely.

ii) Use Steroids in Cycles

When you use something for too long, you can expect to experience unwanted effects. For this reason, you should use steroids in cycles of one month or six weeks. After completing a period, you should take a 2-week break before beginning the next cycle. The break will give the body a chance to recover.

iii) Consider Stacking

Stacking is the use of several types of steroids and supplements, which are known to have opposite unwanted effects. The main idea behind stacking is that the adverse impact of these products will cancel each other out, thereby eliminating side effects. Be sure to consult a fitness expert to get a list of products that can be used together.

iv) Exercise Regularly and Drink a Lot of Water

Exercise and water consumption will help the body to process the steroids and get rid of any toxins that may result. Thereby preventing or minimizing the severity of some side effects.