Anabolic Steroids And Acne: How To Keep Your Skin Clear And Healthy

If you’re in the middle of your first bulking or cutting cycle with anabolic steroids, you may be having a hard time with acne. This isn’t uncommon. Anything that has an impact on your hormones is likely to cause a few breakouts here and there. The good news is that several practical strategies will help you get your skin under control.

Drop Your Dose

If your acne is terrible, you may want to think about lowering your dose. After all, if an increase in hormones is causing your acne, a decrease will invariably make it abate. This could be a clear sign that you’re giving your body more than it knows how to deal with. This is something that you want to do when breakouts become cystic or hot, swollen, and infected. Minor breakouts of tiny whiteheads will usually resolve on their own, without any significant changes in dosing.

Take A Break

Acne problems are most prevalent among bodybuilders who never actually take a break from anabolic steroids. You can’t cycle after cycle without expecting a few issues to crop up. Always take breaks between bulking and cutting and always use post-cycle support to regulate your hormone production and to get everything back on track. When post-cycle support ends, take a few months to let your body function on its own.
Drink Plenty Of Water

Just like fighting acne in your teen years, fighting acne caused by anabolic steroids is often best done with proper hydration. Steer clear of energy drinks and sports drinks, which are both high in sugar and sodium. Instead, drink as much fresh, pure water as you can. When you need help in balancing your electrolytes, hydrate with coconut water. Filling up on fresh fruits and vegetables is another easy way to up your fluid intake without fear of upsetting your electrolyte balance.