4 Things That Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Understand About Your Love Of Lifting

Not all couples share similar interests. If your girlfriend is not into lifting, here are four things she probably doesn’t understand about you…

You love to lift. Your girlfriend loves the results… but she still does not get these four weird things that you do…

You take anabolic steroids, and she acts like you are smoking crack in the back alley.

Your girlfriend freaked out like A LOT when she found out that you were using anabolic steroids to support your efforts in the gym. It is genuinely comical when non-lifters have a minor freak out overhearing that word. No – it is not going to kill us. No – it is not the equivalent of melting crack behind a Wal-Mart.

You need to eat everything in sight.

“But, Steve, we just ate an hour ago.” Your girlfriend already knows that when you ask her out on a date that what you mean is “Where can we go eat” because, well, you freaking love to eat.

You do not like to give up gym days for date night.

It sounds mean. We get it. We do not like to skip lifting. It is kind of like if we got upset because you felt the need to wear makeup when you left the house. You never do that, and you cannot expect us not to have our hang-ups. When we workout, it makes us feel better – inside and out – and when we are calmer and happier, we can be better guys for you.

You do not care that she is not into lifting.

Yes – you want her to be into the results, but you do not need her to get on board and join the gym. It would be great if you wanted to learn and we would love to show you at home. But the gym is kind of our own space where we can be alone.

Your girlfriend may never totally understand why you love to lift, but she does know why she loves you. You are pretty awesome, my friend… and jacked – did we say jacked?